Before purchasing property in Weld County, consider an appraisal from Tri-County Appraisals

Why should you get an "appraisal" when you're not actually dealing with the process of securing a loan? After all, the only thing you might want is some data on local properties. Buying a home is a complex process, and we understand what you're going through. Tri-County Appraisals will help you make an educated buying decision with our specially tailored reports.

A professional appraisal report from Tri-County Appraisals can put you at ease when making a purchase decision. Get with Tri-County Appraisals for more details.

Standard operating procedure for Tri-County Appraisals includes...

  • Incredibly fast response to your request: In return to your inquiry, Tri-County Appraisals will provide you with personalized information. Just call us at 970-888-3733 and tell us your situation, and we'll provide you with expert suggestions.

  • Our company guarantees quick turnaround time: You'll hear back within one business day (often in just a few hours) and you'll have results before a week even passes.
  • Reports tailored for the knowledge of a consumer who's not necessarily an experienced real estate pro: We know that people want different things - there is no "one size fits all" in the appraisal and consulting business. We offer an array of report types and delivery techniques.
  • Prompt response to follow-up inquiries: You can rest assured that all Tri-County Appraisals's services meet or exceed Colorado's requirements and the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice that govern appraisal standards on a federal level. If you have some issues concerning your appraisal after you've looked over the results, we definitely want you to contact us.